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AAPKA NEWS Logo tries to give glimpse of Chhattisgarh. Logo is made with the concept of incorporating Tradition, Culture, Folk Life, economy base and state symbol of Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh is a paddy producing and rice consuming state.This state has more species of paddy than any region of the country. The culture here is based on paddy and rice. Paddy and rice have prominence in various strings of life and economy.
The use of paddy in various forms of artistic expression here shows that the art and paddy here are interdependent.

In Chhattisgarhi culture, paddy is the only wealth.
There’s a traditional rangoli(jhuti) in the middle of the logo , made with Paddy . Eight directional Free hand traditional rangoli shows – flow and joining points shows – screening of The news .

At the heart of the rangoli The feather of Hill Myna ( state bird) is symbolizing writing/creating news .

Sal (state tree) seed with wings showing all the 4 directions.

The bull on the left of the rangoli is Pola bull .Pola festival is associated with the depths of Chhattisgarh’s tradition and culture .It is generally a traditional village festival where they show respect to the bulls that help them in their ploughing activities

In the month of August, after completion of the farming work, the hardworking bull and jata pora are worshiped and prayers are offered for a good harvest and for the house to be full of grains. This state festival shows the importance of farming and livestock in our lives. On this day bulls are adorned and a parade of decorated bulls is being conducted in the evenings followed by dance and music. Earthen bulls and utensils are worshiped and given to the children to play, in which the children inadvertently attach to their soil.

In logo Pola bull’s head is decorated with cowrie. Neck is decorated with local cow bell.Tapestry is decorated with Earthen bulls,

chain tribal dance , bastar art and handicraft and very important minor forest produce Mahua.

The wild buffalo on right side of rangoli is state animal of Chhattisgarh. Wild buffalo is the rare and threatened wildlife of the state. CG govt. is doing everything possible to protect it.

The flower between rangoli and Pola bull / wild buffalo is state flower Rhynchostylis gigantea. One of the most beautiful flower in the world .

At the bottom connecting line is decorated with Tendu leaf.

Tendu leaf and Mahua are two main minor forest produce and major source of income in the state. The business of forest produce in tribal areas gives people living there an opportunity to raise their heads and live. Along with increasing employment opportunities, it also boosts the economy of the state. The forest based economy is being strengthened in Chhattisgarh. This is the backbone of Chhattisgarh’s prosperity.